Working in Architecture, Ian Nash has always been professionally involved in the use of natural products and processes in construction and design, which led nearly twenty years ago to developing a professional interest in ceramics into a personal  involvement in the use of ceramics as a decorative and sculptural medium.  This developed initially by attending local evening classes and by further experimentation and development in his home studio.  Several years later he returned to teach the very classes where his journey began to inspire a love of ceramics within others and pass on the skills of working in this expansive medium.

Each piece is individually made and no two pieces are ever identical.  Even for similarly finished items,  each final firing in the electric kiln produces its own variations to the work as the materials flow and interact toward a maximum top temperature of 1240°C.

A range of bowls are thrown on a potters wheel  from a coarse textured clay where the grogged texture is retained and emphasised externally with metallic oxides in contrast with the smooth glaze decorated  interiors.

Tall vases compliment bowls with similar finishes and strong architectural forms.

Other pieces are made from smooth textured white stoneware clays and are fully glazed.